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"Don’t allow anybody to stop you from believing in your dream.” Billionaire P.A. will share 4 major tips on how to creatively fund your dream. He will break down some actionable and applicable concepts, including setting up pre-orders or tapping into scholarships and programs, to help you speak your dreams and plans into reality.

Billionaire P.A.

Billionaire P.A. is an entrepreneur, author, film producer, and content creator for his YouTube channel. Billionaire P.A. seeks to inspire billions of people to speak their dreams into existence and develop a wealthy mindset. Determined to change the world, Billionaire P.A.’s mission is to inspire you to talk less and execute more. He made his entrance into the entertainment industry as an intern at BET Networks in 2007. Billionaire inspires people all around the world through speaking engagements, one-on-one coaching, and educational courses.