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Learn about the 5 creative considerations for cause driven ads. You’ll see examples from each best practice, and learn how to apply it with your own creative so you can generate more action for you cause and drive real change.

Manu Gambagorte

Manu has been in the advertising industry for 15 years helping brands and organizations to innovate and drive real change in the world. She had creative roles in tech companies such as Google, Spotify and now Facebook, where she leads the creative efforts for Nonprofits globally. She graduated in Social Communication at ESPM in Brazil and has a certificate in Art History from Central St Martins UK. Based in London, originally from Brazil.

Aissa Sow: Moderator

Aissa Sow is a Business Education Training Coordinator for North America, based in New York. She has managed marketing and communications campaigns for entertainment, beauty, fashion and CPG clients. Aissa enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.

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