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Impact of iOS 14.5+ on Certified Advertising API Developer Collection


This page provides a quick overview of iOS 14.5+ updates that may impact content in the Certified Advertising API Developer Collection.

The Conversions API

Conversion events for campaign optimization

With the enforcement of the ATT prompt, you can only use eight conversion events for campaign optimization. Facebook prioritizes the eight conversion events by default based on your business activity. You can still use conversion events that aren’t configured as one of the top eight events for partial reporting in Ads Manager and website Custom Audience targeting. However, you're unable to use these conversion events for optimization.

The Event Limitation Affects: The Event Limitation Doesn’t Affect:
  • Standard events
  • Custom conversions created from the same standard event with different parameters
  • Custom conversions formed using custom event
  • Page views
  • Link clicks
  • Landing page views

Web events available for optimization

  • Go to Pixel/Conversions API to view a list of your web events.
  • Events that aren’t in the top eight events receive partial reporting.
  • Edit Events is disabled if you need to verify your domain.

Aggregated Events Measurement Configuration

In Events Manager you can:

  • View a list of the top eight events that facebook automatically configures.
  • View a list of domains that you own and events that are automatically configured for each domain.
  • Update, add or rank the prioritization of your events for optimization.

Domain verification

  • As a best practice, all businesses should verify their domain.
  • Verify your domain if you have multiple pixels that belong to multiple businesses or personal ad accounts.
  • Complete domain verification before you update your event configuration.
  • Go to the developer documentation for domain verification instructions.

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