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This course teaches you how to grow your audience by discovering followers, using hashtags, creating connections and building relationships on Instagram for your business.

Find More Followers on Instagram

This lesson prepares you to identify ways to attract an audience on Instagram. Learn how to build new followers to your Instagram business account.

  • Build relationships with your followers
  • What is an online audience?

    • Followers
    • Accounts reached
  • Grow an audience for your business

    • Invite people you already know
    • Follow people and businesses you want to connect with
    • Share your account handle offline
  • Find people who are interested in your business

    • Create and share relevant content regularly
    • Use hashtags in posts and stories
    • Tag and mention other accounts
    • Add your location
    • Create a challenge or a giveaway

Use Hashtags to Reach New Audiences

This lesson prepares you to use hashtags to reach audiences beyond your current Instagram followers. This lesson teaches you about different types of hashtags and how you can use them to help your business reach more people.

  • Reach new people with hashtags
  • Discover posts with hashtags
  • Get started with hashtags
    • Hashtags related to what you do
    • Hashtags related to your community
    • Hashtags that are popular
    • Hashtags that are descriptive
  • Use a hashtag for your business
    • Determine a hashtag for your business
    • Follow your hashtag
    • Create hashtags for special events and product launches
    • Make lists of different hashtags
    • Use insights to learn how your hashtagged posts perform
  • Share your business hashtag
    • Add your business hashtag to physical products
    • Encourage customers to use your business hashtag

Create Connections With Your Community

This lesson prepares you to identify different ways to connect with your customers on Instagram. Learn how to build connections with your audience.

  • Build strong relationships
  • Connect with customers
    • Engage with your audience
    • Host a live session to answer questions
    • Like comments to connect with people
    • Send direct messages
    • Remix a reel
  • Create deeper connections
    • Show your business's personality
    • Ensure timely responses
    • Share content that interests your audience

Build Relationships With Instagram Direct

This lesson prepares you to use direct messaging to strengthen relationships with people in your community on Instagram. Learn how to use Instagram Direct to create relationships with your audience.

  • Engage your community with Instagram Direct
  • Use direct messaging
    • View your messages
    • Send private messages
    • Share your discoveries
    • Save time with quick replies
    • Organize messages with the primary and general inbox tabs
  • Provide a positive customer experience
    • Use the unique voice of your business
    • Address sensitive customer issues privately