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Are you studying for the Digital Marketing Associate Certification, but need some extra help? Or perhaps, would prefer a live virtual experience while studying with a group of peers? This one-day workshop will deepen your knowledge around the Advertising Fundamentals, Create and Manage Ads, and Reporting sections on the exam. Additionally, this workshop will also feature practice exam questions to test your readiness and the opportunity to ask your instructor any clarifying questions about any topic on the exam.

The experience:

  • One day of focused virtual classroom time with a live instructor
  • Opportunity to ask questions and run through practice test questions
  • Includes downloadable cheat sheet on all topics on the exam

Digital Marketing Associate Certification Study Aid


Ashley Prince Murphy has focused her career on the intersection between technology and social impact. She is currently the Strategic Planning and Operations Lead for Social Impact at Facebook, accountable for resource planning, goal definition, and coordination of high priority projects across the company. Ashley has built an expertise in scaling early-stage, impact-driven technology organizations. Her experience includes being the Director of Growth for Summit Learning (now: Gradient Learning) and the Director of Revenue Operations for Wonderschool, a startup focused on helping caregivers operate in-home childcare programs. Ashley holds an AB in Psychology from Harvard University and both an MBA and MA in Education from Stanford University. She currently lives in the Bay Area with her husband and son.

Additional Learning: