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Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Brie Carere is the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for FedEx Corp. In her role, Carere oversees the company’s global marketing and communications, including advertising, brand and reputation, product and business development, innovation, e-commerce, retail marketing, and digital access.

She is also responsible for oversight of the global customer experience and revenue management teams. Carere is a member of the FedEx Strategic Management Committee, a select group of the company’s top leadership, which sets the strategic direction for the corporation.

Carere brings more than 18 years of FedEx experience to her role and most recently served as the Senior Vice President of the Global Portfolio Marketing Organization. In that position, she oversaw teams responsible for e-commerce, international marketing, global supply chain services, strategy and innovation, and market development.

Prior to that role, Carere served as Vice President of Marketing, Customer Experience and Corporate Communications for FedEx Express Canada. Carere was responsible for commercial and digital strategy, brand and reputation, customer service, and clearance operations. She oversaw the commercial growth strategies for FedEx Express, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight in Canada.

Since joining FedEx in 2001 as a marketing specialist, Carere has gained a breadth of experience across marketing, customer experience and strategy, including serving as a global marketing manager based in Memphis and director of marketing for FedEx Express Canada.

Carere is a three-time winner of the FedEx Five Star Award, the company’s highest team member honor. She is a member of the FedEx Diversity and Inclusion steering committee. Carere founded a Women in Leadership community during her time in Canada and is a leader in the FedEx U.S. Women in Leadership network. She is passionate about creating mentorship opportunities for women and actively mentors and sponsors women throughout the company.

Carere earned her Bachelor of Science in Commerce degree from McMaster University of Ontario, Canada. She and her husband, Nick, are the proud parents of four children.