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Learn how to engage your audience with posts, stories and messages on Facebook and Instagram.

Establish Relationships With Your Customers on Facebook and Instagram

Learn about the importance of engaging your audience.This lesson will show you different ways of engaging with your online audience.

  • What is engagement?

    • Posts and stories to spark engagement
    • Reactions
    • Shares
    • Comments
    • Tags and mentions
    • Messages
  • Why you should engage your audience:

    • Build a following
    • Increase sales

Find Opportunities for Engagement

This lesson will help you turn an engaged social media audience into customers.

  • How to engage people on Facebook:

    • Posts
    • Stories
    • Messenger
  • How to engage people on Instagram:

    • Posts
    • Stories
    • Direct

Build Community Through Posts, Stories and Messages

Learn how to use posts, stories and messages to engage your audience.

  • How to engage your audience on social media:

    • Share relevant content.
    • Ask questions.
    • Poll your audience.
  • How to respond to comments and messages:

    • Show your business’s personality.
    • Avoid jargon.
    • Mention customers and partners.
    • Like comments to quickly connect.
  • When you should move private conversations to Instagram Direct and Messenger:

    • To address customer support issues.
    • To address negative comments.