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This course prepares you to share playful and interactive content about your business with Instagram Stories, use the creative tools in Instagram Stories to create fun photos and videos and add interactive stickers to your story to engage with your audience.

Create an Instagram Story to Attract Your Audience

Learn how to create Instagram Stories to share what your business is about through authentic everyday moments. This lesson prepares you to create an Instagram story that shows what your business is about.

  • Attract people’s attention with Instagram Stories
  • How to create a story

    • Select an effect and record
    • Use additional creative tools and share your story
    • Take a photo or video with the Instagram camera
    • Access your story and select a camera mode
    • Upload your own photo or video
    • Apply a filter to your photo or video
  • Use Instagram Stories for your business

    • Show authentic moments from your day
    • Feature your products and services
    • Tell your business story
    • Share customer testimonials
    • Create tutorials

Captivate with creative tools on Instagram stories

Learn how to use the built-in creative tools from Instagram Stories to engage your audience. This lesson prepares you to use Instagram Stories’ built-in creative tools to create and edit your story.

  • Tell your business’s story with creative tools

  • How to use creative tools to show your business personality

    • How to add text to your story
  • How to use stickers and draw on your story

    • How to add stickers to your story
    • How to use the brush tool to draw on your photo or video
  • How to match the look and feel of your business

  • How to capture your stories in different ways

Interact with your audience on Instagram stories

Learn different ways to use Instagram Stories to encourage people to engage with your business. This lesson prepares you to use interactive features from Instagram Stories to engage with your business.

  • Engage with your audience directly
  • Use interactive features to connect with your audience
    • How to add a poll or emoji slider
    • Learn from audience and answer questions
    • How to create multiple choice questions
    • How to raise funds for a cause
    • Encourage people to post about your business