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We cannot achieve progress on society’s greatest challenges without progress on gender equality. But too often, data about women is unreliable, outdated, or missing. These “gender data gaps” lead to decisions, policies, advocacy, and action that have an outsized negative impact on women. This webinar highlights two resources that help nonprofits and impact-oriented professionals use data to advance gender equality.

Video recorded on September 9 and 10, 2021. The Facebook Company is now Meta. Learn more.

Alex Pompe

Alex is a Research Manager at Facebook’s Data for Good program. He works to bring appropriate technology to people anywhere in the world, especially in developing countries and believes in the potential for a fully global information economy that empowers all individuals, eliminates inescapable poverty, and equalizes the imbalance created through the accident of birth. Alex spent many years as a Senior Technical Advisor at IREX, a non-profit, and as a Senior Manager at a Data and Analytics start-up.