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Build lasting relationships using ads that click to WhatsApp and Messenger

Messaging is convenient, and convenience matters when communicating with target audiences. 75% of those surveyed say they want to be able to communicate with businesses in the same way they communicate with friends and family through messaging.

Ads that click to Messenger and WhatsApp can help you build lasting relationships through conversation, driving positive outcomes for your business and customers.

On WhatsApp, businesses can connect with customers either through user- or business-initiated conversations that provide seamless, full-funnel conversations to build long-lasting customer relationships and unlock growth.

On Messenger, customers can initiate conversations with your business, helping drive traffic to your Messenger experience with ads shown across Meta technologies.

Learn more about ads that click to WhatsApp and Messenger, and how it can expand your marketing strategy in the new year by attending one of these free workshops hosted by Meta Blueprint experts.