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Optimize your campaigns with Conversions API


Optimize your campaigns with a reliable connection between your marketing data and Meta

Reliable data is important to get a full picture of the consumer journey and build campaigns that drive performance.

With over 3.6 billion people connecting and discovering new products and services through Meta technologies, privacy enhancing technologies, such as the Conversions API, make the most out of data while respecting people’s privacy decisions.

The Conversions API creates a direct and reliable connection between marketing data from your server to Meta. Optimizing Conversions API integration can help improve your event match quality (EMQ), contributing to higher conversions at a lower cost per result. Advertisers that implemented the Conversions API and Meta Pixel saw an 13% cost per acquisition (CPA) improvement on average.

Learn more about the Conversions API and how it could help you drive performance with your campaigns in the new year by attending a free workshop available from Meta Blueprint.