As people explore more channels, combining a variety of digital and physical touchpoints, and gain more control over the information they choose to share, the strategies you’ve used to reach your target audiences may need to be updated to deliver efficient, cost-effective campaigns that meet your goals.

Meta Blueprint is offering free workshops where Meta experts can partner with you on how to implement Meta technologies such as lead ads, business messaging, and the Conversions API to build optimized campaigns in the new year.

To support businesses, Meta is developing technologies that help you:

  • Discover leads in more relevant and personal ways, and give potential customers the opportunity to get more information about your business through a mobile-first format.
  • Reach relevant audiences at scale and build lasting relationships through conversation.

  • Use your own marketing data to optimize ad targeting, decrease the cost per action and more accurately measure campaign outcomes, while respecting people’s choices on how their data is used.

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