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  • Small Business Re-emergence

    Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our society, communities, small and micro-businesses, and non-profit organizations, the path towards re-opening may seem daunting. In this webinar we’ll share some strategies and considerations around recovery and resilience that may be...

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  • Grow Your Mobile App Audience With Automated App Ads

    Learn how to implement Automated App Ads to help grow mobile app audiences. We examine the benefits of Automated App Ads, review recommendations for successful campaigns and explore tests that can help optimize campaigns. Don't see any events here? Be...

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  • Judy Toland, Facebook

    Judith (Judy) Toland is a transformational marketing and sales c-suite executive, with an engineering foundation. She joined Facebook in July 2019 as VP, Head of Scaled Solutions, Global Business Marketing based in the Chicago office. This global role is responsible...

    • Gabby and Rozalynn Goodwin, Confidence

      Thirteen-year-old Gabby is the CEO of Confidence. She and her mom Rozalynn invented GaBBY Bows, the first and patented Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette to save families time, money and frustration. Solving the age-old problem of disappearing hair barrettes, GaBBY Bows are...

      • Use App Events to Target, Optimize and Measure

        This training will help advertisers feel confident discussing the business value of adopting in-app signals in the evolving marketing landscape. Learners will be able to identify the right implementation solution for their needs and outline the implementation process. Don't see...

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      • Lead a Community

        Develop leadership skills to harness the power of your community and create a meaningful organization.

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      • Creative Cause Driven Ideas

        Learn about the 5 creative considerations for cause driven ads. You’ll see examples from each best practice, and learn how to apply it with your own creative so you can generate more action for you cause and drive real change....

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        • Duration 1h
      • Climate Change Opinion Survey 2021

        In partnership with the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, Facebook Data for Good released a new dataset and findings from the 2021 Climate Change Opinion Survey to support research on #climatechange. These resources can help provide non-profits and...

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      • Data Products and Solutions From Facebook's Data4Good Team

        Quick overview of three data sets from Facebook Data for Good’s mapping team. Alex Pompe Alex is a Research Manager at Facebook’s Data for Good program. He works to bring appropriate technology to people anywhere in the world, especially in...

        • Unsung Heroes: Eyeseeme

          Often positive change happens because of the extraordinary effort of ordinary people. Here we hear the stories of visionary individuals who dared to move the world to a better place.

          • Creator Studio 101

            In this hands-on session we'll show you how to use the various tools available in Creator Studio effectively to improve your performance through audience and content insights.

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          • Unsung Heroes: Morelia's Gourmet Paletas

            Often positive change happens because of the extraordinary effort of ordinary people. Here we hear the stories of visionary individuals who dared to move the world to a better place.

            • Deciding Where and How to Find People Online

              A social media map helps you decide where and how to show up online. Learn how to make one for your business and use it to determine which visual formats and social media channels make the most sense for you.

              • Jessica Jensen, OpenTable and Kayak

                Jessica Jensen is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for OpenTable and KAYAK. With a strong appetite for travel and dining, she oversees restaurant marketing and consumer marketing for both brands. Her focus includes growing their business, driving international expansion...